What is Flexisense


Flexisense is a thin, flexible, bendable, sensor drone micro-electro-mechanical system capable of measuring direct force applied vertically on both its sides, shear force applied on its surface and 3D position and velocity of the object attached to. The sensor is an autonomous, non-invasive, stand-alone unit, with its own rechargeable power supply, micro-controller and wireless communication unit. The drone can wirelessly connect with other drones, creating a network, in order to monitor an entire area. It can also connect with smartphones, tablet and computers, through an application which has also been developed, in order to transmit the data collected to the end user.


Flexisense is unaffected by bending, temperature, humidity and excess pressure, load and shear, and completely insulated, making it suitable for medical applications, wearable devices and on-body applications. The drone can be made in a plethora of shapes and sizes, to fit any application/situation. The drone has been designed to be used in insoles, in shoes, in cushions, seats, mattresses, saddles and any other wearable devices such as smart apparel and sports equipment.

Flexisense has application in every operation that a “fusion” force/pressure, shear and 3D position and velocity sensor is required. However, it was designed and developed specifically as a non-invasive medical sensor to be used in wearable devices, smart garments, training apparatus and for medical applications such as on-body, non-invasive, real time force, pressure, shear and 3D position and velocity measurements. For example such a sensor can be invaluable for use in the monitoring of a person’s gait providing data about the pressures applied on the foot, the interaction between shoe and foot and the forces applied in the system and the angles of the joints and posture position.

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