Sports & Well-Being

One of the hottest applications of Flexisense is the smart insole for the athletic and recreational shoe, building on the unstoppable momentum of the wearable devices sector. Flexisense can be incorporated in the shoe or in a stand-alone insole, and provides the athlete with  real time and on demand information that helps  performance improvement and injury prevention. The data provided includes gait analysis and an understanding of the activity’s impact on the joints of the lower limb and the knees.

Key characteristics

Full gait analysis capabilities- Comfortable for everyday use-  Measures pressure and shear in real time- Connectable with any smart device- Models foot strike and lower leg gait, including the impact on knees- Directs users to more appropriate footwear- Build as stand-alone insole applicable to different shoes

There is a range of Flexisense applications in cycling, from shoe and pedal to wheel and tire. When it comes to Cycle Power Meter Flexisense technology proves its uniqueness once more by being the  only instantly interchangeable solution, while keeping the cost low.

Key characteristics

Applicable to any shoe and bike- Both sides (left/ right) power balance and cadence measurement- Market standard connectivity- Low price