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We work on a licencing business model aiming to incorporate Flexisense in different products.

Our targeted partners and customers are highly innovative manufactures within different industries, that focus on gaining competitive advantages through enhancing their product propositions with new technologies. 

We also target organizations within the High Technology field, that care to incorporate Flexisense into their propositions to their partners. 

Flexisense can be a greatly empowering tool in the hands of each of our customers due to the interactivity in our process, the customizable solutions and the unlimited ideas that can be defined and worked on.  

Interactive Process

We listen to your needs and business goals. Our R&D, Business Development and Marketing Departments are working closely with you to build up the opportunities. 

Customizable solutions

We understand your processes and products and support you with the most applicable propositions and solutions. 

New ideas

We transfer know-how and provide multiple possibilities. Ideas are unlimited.

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