Every Day Life

59% of truck drivers suffer from lower back pain, Chronic back pain is the No 1 cause of sickness absence. Over 50% of long haul drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel. Flexisense application in a car seat makes the essential monitoring of posture, pressure and fatigue possible.  This application is ideal for the health and safety of professional drivers, alerting them to change behaviors and take actions.

Key characteristics

Monitors body posture and blood circulation- Assists in preventing back injuries and fatigue which leads to car accidents- Can be build in the seat or as a stand alone cushion.

Flexisense applied to tires, is able to monitor in real time actual traction between the tire and the ground, feeding back information to the vehicle’s CPU, allowing the vehicle to adjust to varying road and weather conditions, and significantly increasing safety and performance. The system also provides actual power output data which can be used to improve engine and fuel efficiency, monitor tires and suspension life and improves driving experience.