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Welcome to FlexisenseTM by HCi Viocare Technologies. HCi Viocare Technologies is a dynamic, new, and innovative company in the IoT ecosystem, which creates hardware solutions aiming to empower the user by providing on demand information and enhance living quality. In our modern R&D centre located in Glasgow, Scotland, we are working on a large portfolio of cutting edge, revolutionary and disruptive technologies in the field of Digital Health, Prosthetics, Orthotics, Diabetes, Assistive Devices, Sports and Wellbeing. We have been recognized as one of the most innovative and effective companies from around the world, operating in the mobile, digital and connected care industries today, being included in the Global Digital Health 100 Award List. FlexisenseTM is in the first position of our proprietary innovations line. FlexisenseTM is our cutting edge IoT sensors system, designed to be accessible to all.

The next generation of sensors systems for IoT solutions and wearable devices.

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FlexisenseTM is a pressure and shear IoT sensors solution, a ground breaking innovation initially addressed to healthcare sector and particularly people with diabetes, aiming at preventing foot or toe amputation and as moving forward with many more different applications in the health, sports and everyday life fields. FlexisenseTM is genius. It uses a multitude of micro sensors to measure pressure and, uniquely, shear forces providing on demand information, wirelessly.

FlexisenseTM uniqueness consists of many important factors. It is the only IoT sensors system that measures shear forces. It is not affected by bending, humidity or temperature, and it provides a highly affordable platform which can be incorporated in a plethora of products and applications.  
We have filed for an international patent (PCT) for our pressure and shear sensing technology.

FlexisenseTM has already had a rich record of developments since the first patent filing in the beginning of 2014.


FlexisenseTM can be a highly tech & cost effective solution for a wide range of IoT projects and be incorporated in wide variety of products. Different configurations of the sensors can be used in totally customized applications and provide different data. We aim to continuously find novel uses for FlexisenseTM, and we are open to new ideas. The possibilities are unlimited. We are currently working on the following areas with more in the pipeline.






Some Important Figures


Wearable devices annual growth


Wearable devices sold previous year


Annual cost of amputations due to diabetes


Worldwide cost of ulceration annually

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We are following a licensing model aiming to incorporate our technology to as many different products as possible and providing our partners with the opportunity to offer new, cost effective products that improve people’s health, well being and everyday experience.

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First patent filing of the company’s pressure and shear sensing technology

Reveal of the unique portable motion capture & gait analysis technology
Reveal of the pressure and shear sensing technology at the ATTD conference in Paris

Reveal of the Smart Insole for athletes and the Smart Insole for diabetes

Reveal of new applications of the pressure and shear sensing technology: Smart mattress, Smart wheelchair cushion, Cycling power meter. 

Finalist of the IET Innovation awards

New international patent (PCT) filing covering 140 countries

Included in the 100 Global Digital Health List for 2015

Branding of the pressure and shear sensing technology with the name Flexi-sense™